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Wait for Me


Available for PREORDER on Apple iBooks, WAIT FOR ME will be released in March 2018, and will then be available on all major online bookstores.

Wait for Me
Vacation Sweethearts Book 3

* * *

Their marriage didn’t last.
The last thing he wants is to relive it.

A divorced single dad with full custody of his son made a promise he now has to keep: invite his ex-wife to their son’s fifth birthday celebration, a summer cruise in Alaska. Can two people who have given up on each other put aside their emotions to make their son happy for seven days?

* * *

Love has left him…

Logan Urquhart regrets promising Jonas that he will give him anything for his fifth birthday. The fortune he has inherited enables him to buy whatever his son wants, including a whole toy store chain, pony rides to last a lifetime, and even entire schools he would attend all the way through university.

But all Jonas wants for his birthday is to be with his mom, whom he hasn’t seen in a while. “Dad, you promised.”

Logan has no choice.

It can’t be too bad. It will only be for seven days. After that, he’ll go home to Savannah, Georgia, and she’ll go home to wherever. End of story. Or is it?

Love has returned… Not!

Marie Bouchard would love to see her son again, but not her ex-husband. Their two-year marriage had been nothing but constant quarreling and arguing and fighting, so much so that she has needed counseling to get over that awful phase of her life.

Why on earth would she want to go back to that kind of negative environment?

Well, he looks more mature these days. No, not the boy. The father.

Besides, their son is turning five. She would do anything for little Jonas, as she has always done—including having given up custody so that her son would be safe from her line of work.

Dare she take a week off to make her son happy?

All seems peaceful, until Marie notices people behaving strangely around her ex-husband and their son…

* * *

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