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Cheer for Me


Cheer for Me
Vacation Sweethearts Book 0 (Prequel)

* * *

A cancer survivor meets the man of her dreams, but cannot believe God could be that good to bless her this way. Besides, how long does she have to enjoy this relationship?

Siobhan Hall has had a double mastectomy, but her cancer is in remission. Still, she hasn’t dated in several years, feeling self-conscious. How could a potential husband not see her as disfigured when there are so many other women out there with perfect bodies?

Without knowing what the future holds, Siobhan decides to remain a spinster. She spends all her energy running her bookstore and hopes to leave something for her nieces and nephews. She is excited that she is able to fund one niece in college. More to come! Take a number!

Her bookstore, The Reading Porch, is thriving. She has started a small press for local authors. And now the big news: a world-renowned architect-turned-author has agreed to give a weeklong lecture series about the old-world architecture of her beloved Charleston, South Carolina.

And here he comes.

No, not the architect, but that guy—the man of her dreams, an unexpected blessing.

Hiroki Yamada from Atlanta.

Now, if only he’d talk to her. But whatever for? She literally may not have time for him.

Then again, who owns time but sovereign God Himself?

* * *

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