Sing with Me

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Sing with Me
Seaside Chapel Book 3


* * *

He has lost his life’s song.
Would God put a new song in his heart?

A burned-out young widower forced to take a sabbatical at his sister’s beach house is surprised by a singing personal chef whose food and music become his daily therapy.

The Cook…

Skye Langston is a personal chef for residents and vacationers in the St. Simon’s Island area on the Atlantic coast of Georgia. When her friend tells her that her vacant beach house will be occupied for the summer, Skye is elated because she helped design the chef’s kitchen in that oceanfront house a couple of years ago, and would love to cook in it again.

Until he shows up…

The Client...

Having been widowed unexpectedly a year ago, billionaire businessman Dillon Brooks has worked himself aground at his father’s company, believing that a packed schedule would bury his grief. After burning out, he is forced to take a mental-health sabbatical. Reluctantly, he moves into his sister’s beach house for a few months. It’s big enough for his two kids to join him for a part of the summer, and it’s close enough to his parents’ home on Sea Island for them to take the kids out of his sight.

The Call...

Skye finds the young widower rude and unloveable. She cannot believe this man is her sweet friend’s older brother. Skye decides she would avoid him as much as possible. She’ll cook the meals, and then let her assistants clean up the kitchen while she escapes the premises as quickly as she can.

And then one day, Skye sees Dillon at his most vulnerable moment. What if God has brought her to this cottage for such a time as this?

In the sunroom where she finds Dillon, she picks up his old guitar, and starts to sing some of her favorite hymns…

* * *

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SC03 3D eBook PB toptitle 1000

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