Walk You There is in Paperback!


There you have it, readers! All the Savannah Sweethearts books that are out in ebooks (seven of 10 books) are now also available in paperback:

Now in paperback:

Coming soon in paperback:

I love designing my own book covers, but they are very time-consuming. I have to choose my battles so that I can have more time to do what I love more: writing.

These days, I’m doing a mix of DIY and outsourcing when it comes to covers. I would create the ebook covers, and I’d outsource the paperback edition. Or I’d outsource the entire cover.

Let’s take WALK YOU THERE (Savannah Sweethearts Book 5) as an example. I love wraparound covers, to begin with. So I wanted to create an atmosphere for Ryan and Tamsyn against Savannah as the backdrop. After all, Tamsyn is a tour guide.

As with all my book covers, I began by hunting down the perfect images that would convey my story. After looking through hundreds — and possibly thousands — of stock images for all my series, you’d think it’d be easy peasy to find a lovey dovey couple.

Well, I found a nice stock image, bought it, created the ebook cover, and… 

My hubby said he didn’t like the way the woman looked. I happened to agree. I knew I had to fix the problem. I had to do a face transplant. So I found a pretty woman, and began to revamp the cover.

Here are the original two images that became my raw materials for the cover makeover:

Considering that I have at least 10 years of Photoshop experience, I figured I could do a composite. So I merged the man from one picture with the woman from the other picture, and I designed this book cover in Photoshop.

As you can see, the book cover is missing the spine and back. At this point, I have the RGB for the ebook. This ebook was published on January 14, 2016. This is how I did all my Savannah Sweethearts covers — I created the ebook covers with empty backcovers to begin with.

The slow tortoise that I am, it would be one more year before I got around to formatting the paperback. Yes, I know that some other authors — most indies, I’d say — work faster than I am, but hey, I’m a one-woman band, and I do what I can do when I can do them. There, by the grace of God go I.

However, I got so busy writing my fourteenth book — thank You, God! — that I had no time to mess with CMYK and PDF and color conversions and trim size adjustments. 

Since I have started to outsource some covers to the Deranged Doctor Design cover design team, I asked them if they could take my Photoshop file, fill in the blanks for my back cover, and send me a PDF that I can upload to KDP Print (the other Createspace). And yes, they can!

Praise the Lord for that because I am super busy by default, and have no time to deal with covers. I need to be writing the next twenty books, I tell you.

So I formatted the paperback edition — finally! — and gave the cover designers the page count and the back cover copy. They adjusted the spine width, filled in the back cover, popped in my ISBN, and voila! A PDF file ready to go.

And here is the book page cover again (so you don’t have to scroll up this long post to see it).


And so, on this glorious day, April 20, 2017, fifteen months after the ebook was published, we have WALK YOU THERE in paperback! Mission accomplished. Next!

If you would like to buy the paperback, it’s only available on Amazon. Here are the retailers where you can find WALK YOU THER (Savannah Sweethearts Book 5):

SS05 3D eBook PB bg1000

When I have more time I’ll talk about the other book covers in this series and other series I have written.

Happy reading!


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