Seaside Chapel Book News

Here we go! After two years, STEP WITH ME (Seaside Chapel Book 2) is finally released. That’s a record, actually, considering that SHARE WITH ME (Seaside Chapel Book 1) took me 10 years to write.

I have a surprise announcement. There will be a prequel, after all. SAIL WITH ME (Seaside Chapel Book 0) will be out at some point, either before or after SING WITH ME (Seaside Chapel Book 3), which is Skye’s story. You don’t want to miss her story. She’s cooking up a storm!

Meanwhile, STEP WITH ME is enrolled in Kindle Unlimited, which means it’s Amazon-exclusive. If you read Nook ebooks, don’t worry. This is only for a limited time. When all the books in the Seaside Chapel series are done, the series will go wide and will be available on all the top bookstores I sell my books in.

Happy reading!


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