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When Share with Me (Seaside Chapel Book 1) was published in the summer of 2015, little did I know that it would take almost two years for Step with Me (Seaside Chapel Book 2) to be released. I don’t rush art, and there is a time for everything, including when Emmeline’s and Sebastian’s story would be told. This is the time.

Of course, for those who aren’t on my mailing list (never too late to sign up, right?), you might not know that in between Seaside Chapel books 1 and 2, I published 9 other books in the Savannah Sweethearts and Vacation Sweethearts collections. And I contributed books to 7 multi-author anthology boxed sets. Whew. So it wasn’t like I was just staring out the window watching the grass grow.

Step with Me takes place after Share with Me ends, and following this novel, there will be a third book in the Seaside Chapel series. I can’t wait to finish writing Sing with Me (Seaside Chapel Book 3), and I hope you will enjoy reading that novel too when it is released. I hope it will be this year, but don’t quote me on that. Haha.

After the three novels are completed, we’ll have a bonus “starter” novella to wrap up Seaside Chapel. For want of a series number, I will call the novella Book 0. Stay tuned!

Oh yes, and after Seaside Chapel is completed, guess what? The Seaside Cottages series will pick up where Seaside Chapel ends, and we will visit the lives of several supporting cast members. I can’t wait to write Toby’s story. And Matt’s. And Ben’s. And possibly Willow’s. Remember Willow? She’s Ivan’s sister in Share with Me (Seaside Chapel Book 1).

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Meanwhile, have you read Share with Me (Seaside Chapel Book 1)? It will be on sale for $0.99 for two days only on January 20-21. Mark the dates and snap up the long novel before it returns to its regular price of $5.99.

Here are both books listed side by side on Amazon. Click on each book or buy the current bundle of two books. 

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