Reach for Me on Nook and Kobo

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Readers who are subscribers of Kindle Unlimited, I hope you have enjoyed reading REACH FOR ME (Vacation Sweethearts Book 2) while it was in the program. Last week, it finished its term there, and now I’m going to give readers outside Amazon the opportunity to read this romance with suspense, set in the autumn season in the Great Smoky Mountains.

Two people in the valleys of ther lives run into each other at a mountaintop retreat. What does God have in store for them? Meet Keenan and Phoebe, two different people from different lives, but with the same God who is merciful toward them, and who rescues them out of the miry clay.

For more book description and a sample chapter preview, click here.

At this writing, REACH FOR ME is on Kobo and Nook, in addition to its usual spot on Amazon. I am waiting for it to show up on Google Play and iBooks. Stay iTuned…

Happy reading!


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