There I was, reading news on Twitter (not always a good idea), when I came across a tweet by a CNN reporter correcting his error in reporting. It’s noble to confess to preserve journalism integrity. There’s no shame in telling the truth.

Scanning the comments quickly, I saw a tweet by Scott Adams. You know, the creator of Dilbert and Dogbert? “Out, out, you demons of stupidity!” That cartoonist!

And I spotted a new word! If it were a typo, that wasn’t how I looked at it. So I commented.

Someone replied with the other meaning of “portmanteau.” Yes, I am aware of the two meanings of the word. But here’s a little fun with Tweedledee from Lewis Carroll.

Of course, I forgot an ‘r’ in Carroll.

Here is the linked blog post from Oxford Dictionaries regarding Carroll and his portmanteaus.

Mimsy, chortle, and galumph: Alice in Wonderland and the Portmanteau

And here’s my trusty (crusty?) Apple dictionary spelling it all out:

And that’s all the digression we have today, dictionary fans. Let’s all get back to work!

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