Paperbacks on the Way!

Ta-da! Praise the Lord that, after several weeks of battling the paperback nightmare before Christmas, one of the two paperbacks that I wanted to publishg this year (only 8 days left to 2016) finally went through. I dashed through the snowstorm in a one-horse KDP Print sleigh, crying all the way… LOL.

Seriously, it was a lot of prayer and pain and patience and pain — did I say pain? — to get the paperback books out of the door. Part of the problem is that I am in the new KDP Print beta testing program. I am not using Createspace. So there is no help from anyone else except Amazon technical support — who happens to be short-staffed due to the Christmas holidays.

So now we wait. It says my book is “in review.” Stay tuned!

A sneak peak of how two of the pages look like:


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