Of Course, My Books are on Amazon!

And yes, my books are on Amazon. In fact, all my books are on Amazon. Some of my books that are in Kindle Unlimited are exclusive to Amazon and cannot be found elsewhere in ebook format. You can also find all my paperbacks on Amazon, and nowhere else at this time.

Kindle Unlimited runs for 90 days per term, so some of my ebooks cycle in and out of KU. Right now, Seaside Chapel is in KU. I am considering putting the next series, Seaside Cottages, into KU also. We’ll cross that bridge in 2018.

However, Vacation Sweethearts just came out of KU on Friday. That series will stay wide for the foreseeable future. 

Savannah Sweethearts has been wide since last year, but I’ve finally gotten around to putting them on the other retailers. Yes, so many things to do, so little time.

Speaking of things to do, I’m in my writing cave writing the next books in a couple of series. I’ll talk about them closer to launch date when I have memes ready to share.

Meanwhile, check out my books and happy reading!


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