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Patience, readers! STEP WITH ME (Seaside Chapel Book 2) will be out soon. Revising and polishing are not easy tasks. Most of the time, I write by hand on paper. Then I let it sit a bit. Then I revise-type on my Mac. I’m usually able to write very clean scenes and chapters that require very little further revisions.

Then my copyeditor gets the manuscript for 1-2 weeks. Then I get it back, and see what she has found. I correct what I agree with. Then I send the file back to her for double checking. Then we proofread a lot. Then we’re done and I’m ready to format and publish.

Now, all the above gets complicated when I have to do research. That can take a long time — weeks, months, years — and it depends on what I am researching. That will add more time ot the writing, for sure. This happens for anything I write with suspense and thriller elements in in.

To top it all, the entire process begins with plotting and outlining. That is the most time-consuming part of my writing process. I can plot for weeks, months, years...

In this particular case, STEP WITH ME is not a thriller or suspense or murder mystery. It’s a contemporary Christian romance with lots of southern sunshine. By the way, I started writing this novel in 2015. Yes, two years ago… But the good news is that it’ll be published soon! This year!

The entire Seaside Chapel series will be in Kindle Unlimited until I finish writing Skye’s story in book 3. After that, I’ll take the series wide as Seaside Cottages enter Kindle Unlimited.


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