I Voted!


Yes, I voted. I stood in line under the morning sun for two hours to get there…

There have been a lot of discussions on social media lately about the US elections. Crazy year, this. And then I hear frustrated voters asking for write-in candidates. My two cents on that:

In a 2-party system, such as the US republic is at this time, voting for a candidate from a non-existent third party is pretty much a sure guarantee that the party you don't like will get into office. At stake are the 4 Supreme Court justices to be appointed in the next 4-8 years who will determine whether churches can continue to have freedom of worship and Christians can continue to have freedom of religion. My two cents.

IMHO whichever party you're in, you gotta vote!

Yes, it’s true that lot of people don't endorse one party or another and call themselves independents, conservative, liberals, rather than Democrat or Republican. I don't know what the article writer intended, but my comment was to say that literally there are only 2 official parties on the US ballot, unlike some other countries where there are bazillion official parties on their ballots.

Someone commenting on my Facebook call to vote said that the parties have gone “rogue.” Well…

IMHO, there isn't a true conservative political party in modern US history to begin with. One has to go all the way back to the 18th and 19th centuries to find conservatism a la George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Sadly, some of the younger next generations still don't realize that Lincoln was the first ever Republican president, and he was an abolitionist (the Democrats in the 1800s were pro-slavery).

However, fast forward to the modern era, Reagan Democrats voting for Reagan indicated -- in my personal opinion only -- that the Republican party isn't a conservative party, but have been moving towards center. Lots of independent voters went for Reagan not for social reasons but for smaller government, lower taxes. Lots of business owners want their companies to thrive. If government knows how to run businesses, USA wouldn't be in massive trillion-dollar debt LOL. 

Sean Hannity said he's "conservative" and not a Republican. A lot of independents who don't identify with Democrat liberalism tend to shift toward Republicans because it's not all the way "conservative." I was waiting in the last 4-8 years for a conservative party to emerge, to see how that would change the political landscape. No such thing happened. 

More and more the Republican party is shifting center, as you can see with Trump -- he's more independent and isn't a conservative. But just like the era of Reagan Democrats, a surprising number of Democrats are actually fiscally conservative. If they are looking for someone to understand business and how the US economy needs to revive, what better candidate than a businessman who speaks their language. I saw a video the other day where Scott Baio was addressing the independents. So you have those in the center between Republicans and Democrats who need their voices heard.

When I was in college, my political science professor said that he saw a shift where Republicans and Democrats -- voters in general -- have been moving. Republicans moving toward less conservative, and Democrats moving toward being less liberal. In the end, someone who says he or she is a Republican or Democrat, may not adhere to what those parties were 50 years ago. Things are shifting...

Again, just my observation.

Yikes. This is probably the first time in my entire social media history where I say this much about politics. I rarely do, friends. On Facebook, I veer toward posting cute animal pictures, photos of God's grand creation (earth and space), great Scripture verses, and I do share witty memes, of which there are many out there…

Whatever your party affiliation, please VOTE. It matters!

And now, back to our regular bookish programming…


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