Don’t Like Happy Endings?


Don’t like happy endings in your books? Try Christian women's fiction instead of standard Christian romance.

Romance will always have a happy ending, by definition, or it's not really a romance. HEA (Happily Ever After) is a requirement, whether it plays off a fairytale or is city living or small town, etc.

HFN (Happy for Now) is not exactly HEA. However, some authors have written books without a happy ending and pass them off as HEA. So you'll have to check.

There are no gatekeepers now, especially with indie books, so you can't tell just by looking at the categories and description on Amazon where they fall. Or whether they are even Christian at all.

I write romantic Christian women’s fiction (mine has happy endings), contemporary Christian romance, Christian romantic suspense, and Christian suspense/thrillers. Check out my book list:

Happy reading!

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