Confusing Nook!

Readers, if you shop on Nook, be aware that there are multiple authors with the same name of Jan Thompson. In the last two years, I have tried to ask Barnes & Noble to create author pages so that our readers will not be confused, but they have not taken up the idea that Amazon has been doing for years. Sigh.

So here we are. These are my books on Nook. I didn’t write the other stuff currentlty listed by BN in the search results when you search for my name. There’s nothing I can do about our “same name, different authors” situation.

The best thing to do with B&N is to come here to my website and find my books and see which ones are available on Nook. The links in the Books by Jan Thompson section on my website should take you directly to the book you want to purchase.

Here are the shortcuts to all the series I write and will write:

So many Jans in the world, but God created me to be me!

Happy reading!

This Jan

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