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The Challenge: Find a way to put your paperback on the table without the book snapping shut.

The Situation: The paperback that comes from Amazon is glued at the spine, rightly so, but I need to have it sit on the table so I can read the pages to check for typos and such. I need to be able to write in the margin.

The Options: So far I have used heavy staplers, weights, giant binder clips, you name it. The Literary Cat even sat on it, to help keep the pages open. I even thought of buying those leather weights from Levenger, or using weights from exercise machine. I think a wrench from the toolbox would also do the trick LOL.

The Problem: I need to find a less comical way, that doesn't cost too much, to keep the book pages open without tearing up the glued spine. The book needs to be intact, after proofreading.

The Solution: Ta-da! Praise the Lord for a solution! Total cost: zero. I was looking around my office, searching for ideas (what I do when I'm supposed to be writing LOL) and I remember the art tote board I carried around that has a board, 1-2 clips on one end, and a giant elastic rubber band on the other to hold your paper while you draw/paint. So... using that idea, I simply put together a combination of a clipboard and an elastic bookmark. And voila, 434 pages of book are now flat on the table!

Happy proofreading to me!


P.S. If you’re not an artist or are not familiar with what an artist tote board looks like, here’s a random one I found on Amazon:

If you don’t have those elastic bookmarks (mine is at least 20 years old), then elastic book bands would work too:

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