A Time to Write

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"Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ” (Philippians 1:6).

From time to time my author friends and I discuss productivity. I remember when my son was little, I wrote very little because there was simply no time. Diaper duty took all day LOL.

I do believe there is a time for everything. Even the Israelites back in the days had to stay in the desert for a while before they entered the promised land because, among other things, God was purifying them from Egypt. So when I wasn't writing for a while, I realized that I was supposed to spend more time with God and in the end, that shaped my writing more than anything else. It was interesting how God puts pieces of our steps together for us.

One thing that kept me plotting and outlining even when I was unable to get full books written — when my son was little — was when an author friend told me about the "seasons of life." I had to take it in stride. The good news is that after plotting and outlining for years I have a boatload of books now I can churn out. No need to sit somewhere to think out a plot. Got one for every book I want to write. :-)

And to new authors who are still trying to gain traction in the publishing world, my advice is to take baby steps. Find a writing and publishing rhythm that works with your life. If God calls, He will also bring to pass. Enjoy the journey — even uphill!

Are you content where you are? Even if sales are down? My suggestion is to be content where you are. If you are faithful there, God will give you more. More books, more sales — if He has called you to write. He knows the desires of your heart. But IMHO He would rather you be satisfied with Himself first.

More books to come, readers! And authors friends, press on! God, who begins a good work, will complete it!


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