A Note to New Writers


Every now and then, I hear some non-writers say that writing or publishing isn’t hard. Well, it's actually not glamorous, but they don't know that. It's a lot of hard work, this writing business. They don't see that. We put in hours and hours and hours of work, but they will never be able to track that. So to non-writers, this must be easy. I can see why some of us hear remarks like, "Get a real job!”

Speaking for myself, I do have to remember that I need to be patient with those who don't know how much work is involved in indie publishing, how long it takes to see the fruit of our labor.  To find a parallel, I could be like an artist who plans and paints my own paintings and hopefully some gallery will sell my artwork. To non-writers, this totally feeds into their "starving artist" perception.

Here’re the reality. Writing, publishing, and marketing are HARD LABOR, and you may not see any profit for a long time. Like they say, “Most books don't sell.” If you have a day job, keep it. If this is your only job, be prayerful about the direction you’re going, and be sure you’re in the will of God — if you’re a Christian author. However God chooses to give you success, be thankful!

Just my two cents!


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