Whispers of Love

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Whispers of Love
12 Christian Romance Novels

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The WHISPERS OF LOVE boxed set has run its course and is no longer for sale. Thank you, readers, for your support during the promotional period.

WHISPERS OF LOVE debuted at #79 on the USA Today bestselling list on July 7, 2016. I’m honored to be listed among thes awesome contemporary Christian romance authors:

  • Kimberly Rae Jordan
  • Leah Atwood
  • Sally Bradley
  • Valerie Comer
  • Christina Coryell
  • JoAnn Durgin
  • Autumn Macarthur
  • Lesley Ann McDaniel
  • Carol Moncado
  • Staci Stallings
  • Jan Thompson
  • Marion Ueckermann

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A Change of Heart by Kimberly Rae Jordan

Only one thing stands between Ethan Collins and the job he desperately needs: office manager Makayla McFadden. While Makayla hates what Ethan represents: a major change in her family’s business, she finds herself intrigued by him too. Will Makayla be able to see that change can be a good thing, not just professionally but personally as well? Or will Ethan be back to square one—in need of a job in a new city?

Not This Time by Leah Atwood

Amie Reynolds woke up on her wedding to find a note from her fiancé that he left the country. Needing to escape her heartache, she visited to her Great Aunt’s lake house for the summer where she met Drew Sullivan. Romance between them blooms, but will Drew’s secret tear them apart?

Homestands by Sally Bradley

A pro athlete stumbles across his ex-wife, the son she hid from him, and the rare opportunity to right his wrongs, but a secret from the past threatens their attempts to repair their shattered relationship.

Secrets of Sunbeams by Valerie Comer

One exemplary city worker, if you don't count her escapee goat. One solar architect whose report has been eaten. Can romance and urban farming blossom on the same city block?

Overture and a Prince by Christina Coryell

She’s an actress who can’t seem to get out of character. He’s a mechanic who puts little stock in imagination. Will their love story make it to the opening curtain?

Gentle Like the Rain by JoAnn Durgin

After Isabella Caccavale’s eccentric Aunt Clara marched into her Hartford marketing firm and announced, “God told me to retire and sell my general store in Evergreen, Maine—to you,” Isabella’s stable life plunged into tailspin. Fourteen months later, “runaway” Boston lawyer Sidney Prescott roars into town and Isabella’s store, jumpstarting her wounded heart. Will Sidney find what he seeks in quaint little Evergreen or will he take Isabella’s heart with him when he returns to Boston?

Teapots & Tiaras by Autumn Macarthur

When their best friends’ summer wedding in London pushes proud judgmental medical missionary Matthew Coalbrooke and bubbly shoe-aholic kitchenware saleswoman Anita Kiernan together, it’s dislike at first sight. But God has a bigger plan for them than they can possibly imagine.

Oceans Apart by Lesley Ann McDaniel

This is the biggest weekend for the Inn at Crescent Cove since Lily Duarte bought it a year and a half ago—it’s been booked for a wedding. Now if only she can stop dwelling on the last wedding she planned, then called off at the eleventh hour…her own. When an employee quits and handsome best man Matthew Case steps in to help, Lily’s thoughts of what might have been start to fade away...  

The Lifeguard, the Abandoned Heiress, and Frozen Custard by Carol Moncado

Adam Wilkerson is looking forward to a summer of fun working at the Serenity Landing Aquatic Center. Gwendolyn Cranston-Schmidt is looking for a fresh start. Can they see past both of their secrets to find their way to a real relationship?

Flight 259 by Staci Stallings

It was only a chance occurrence. When Jenna Davis happens to sit next to Dr. Scott Browning and his young son, Lane, on a plane trip to Newark, she has no idea how that one chance decision will change all of their lives forever.

Smile for Me by Jan Thompson

A deadline-driven workaholic assistant school principal who meticulously plans his schedule months in advance meets an easygoing art teacher and studio potter with no sense of time, living her life as the seasons come and go. When they cross paths again at the Summer-by-the-Sea Day Camp sponsored by his church in Nassau, Bahamas, how can they work together if they cannot see eye to eye?

The Other You by Marion Ueckermann

Five years spent searching for her identity bring photojournalist Taylor Cassidy no closer to the truth. When Taylor is sent to South Africa to uncover the story behind winegrower Armand DeBois’s flagship wine, Aimee Amour, their meeting raises questions that demand answers—for them both.

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