Step with Me

Step with Me

Seaside Chapel Book 2

* * *

A thirty-something restaurateur barters with his sister’s friend to be his summer rent-a-girlfriend so that he can win back his ex-fiancée who is now seeing another man.

* * *

Welcome to the new south! Visit one of USA Today bestselling author Jan Thompson’s favorite coastal town of St. Simon’s Island, Georgia, by the Atlantic Ocean.

Meet the Christians attending Seaside Chapel, a little church by the sea known for its beach weddings and fair shares of love and romance. Share their heartaches and healing, and cheer them on as they celebrate faith, family, friends, and happily-ever-afters.

STEP WITH ME is book 2 in this Seaside Chapel collection of novels blending inspirational women's fiction with contemporary Christian romance to celebrate the grace of God and hope in Jesus Christ.

The Desperate...

“It’s past time for Talia to make the right decision. I don’t want to wait forever. I want a big wedding, a long honeymoon, and a house full of kids. What? Why can’t I nudge her in the right direction? Yeah, I know she’s already dumped me and moved on with whatshisname, but an ex can dream, can’t I?” — Sebastian Langston, owner of Saffron on Jekyll restaurant and Sage Café on St. Simon’s Island

The Dreamer...

“He says all I have to do is go out with him to be visible enough for her. He gets her back, I find my brother, and I go to grad school. A win-win. Yeah, he’s cute and has a kind heart. And she doesn’t deserve him. Oh, did I just say that?” — Emmeline O’Hanlon, harpist and music librarian of the Sea Islands Symphony Orchestra

The Duet...

So it begins, this ill-advised scheme to drive his commitment-phobic ex-fiancée to the altar. Sebastian thinks his plan-on-a-whim would succeed because it has to. He will turn thirty-four next September and he wants to be a father by the following summer, preferably to a passel of Talia’s future children.

The short-term business agreement would only last one summer. Emmeline needs Sebastian’s funding to search for her long lost brother, and he is enlisting one of the top private investigators in the region to find him. All she has to do is smile and make Talia jealous. A piece of cake, right?

As they keep up the ruse, Emmeline’s ethereal harp starts to sound like siren songs that distract Sebastian from his goals. Pretty soon, he’s rowing away from his well-planned goals…

* * *

In the novel, Emmeline told Sebastian that she arranged her own version of Fanny Crosby’s hymn, For You and Me. Here is another arrangement of the same hymn by Steve Pettit. Since the lyrics are in the public domain, anyone can put the words to music that they compose.

Emmeline played Enrique Granados’s Oriental on her concert harp. And here is Miloš Karadaglić playing the same piece on a classical guitar.

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