Wish You Joy

Wish You Joy

Savannah Sweethearts Book 9

Christmas Sweethearts

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Christmastown USA has a new CEO. But owning a majority share of the holiday-decorating company makes no difference for Cyrus Theroux if the other forty-nine percent won’t cooperate…

Cyrus’s Christmas…

Whoopee! Christmastime is here again. Cyrus is so excited that he is beside himself. Never mind that it’s ninety-three degrees outside in the middle of a hot July in Savannah. Christmas will be here any day now. He has checked his Christmastown USA warehouse twice, counted his inventory four times, and added ten new team members to join his thirty. He can spread them all over town. Sure, he can manage the decorating teams himself, even if his business partner can’t handle it.

What’s with Amy anyway? Maybe he should consider buying her share of the company. He will keep Mr. Untermeyer’s memories and wishes alive. Yes, that’s what he’ll do. Kick Amy off the sleigh and keep Christmastown all to himself—


There was something about Amy that draws Cyrus to her. Something he can’t put his thumb on…

Amy’s Angst…

Amy simply cannot believe how anyone could take the over-commercialized season seriously when people overspend and get stressed out at festivities they cannot enjoy with family members and relatives they do not wish to see or buy presents for. Bah humbug!

Why Mom has given Amy a forty-nine percent share of Christmastown USA, she’ll never know. Amy doesn’t want it, but she can’t sell it. To sell her share to some stranger out there would be to disrespect the memory of Dad, who inherited this business from Grandpa Earnest, who had started the company back in the fifties. The entire Untermeyer family lives from Christmas to Christmas. It was because of Christmastown that Amy’s parents were able to send her and her two brothers to college.

Amy cherishes the happy memories of her childhood and the Untermeyer legacy until some devastating news makes her question everything she has ever known about the Untermeyer family…

* * * 

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WISH YOU JOY debuted in the multi-author anthology, CANDY CANE KISSES, which made #95 on the USA Today bestselling list on October 6, 2016.

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