Walk You There

Walk You There

Savannah Sweethearts Book 5

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She wants to save history. He wants to raze it all. 

A local tour guide who makes a living off Savannah history goes to battle against an award-winning developer who wants to raze the old city block she lives on. 

An old-meets-new contemporary Christian romance set in the historic city of Savannah, WALK YOU THERE is book 5 of USA Today bestselling author Jan Thompson’s Savannah Sweethearts series of sweet, clean, and wholesome multiethnic Christian romance celebrating faith, hope, and love in Jesus Christ.

See old town Savannah.

Meet new town Savannah.

Tamsyn’s Troubles… 

Tamsyn Pendegrast’s troubles can be summed up in one word: Ryan. 

Okay, three words: Ryan Ruttledge V. 

A nightmare to her historical preservation efforts, an enemy of her fledgling Tamsyn Tours travel agency and tour company, Ryan seems to have it all: funding, support, awards, and the deeds to half the properties on Rosa Pendegrast Lane in old-town Savannah. Only three historic homes remain unsold. One of them is the Pendegrast family home where Tamsyn has lived since she was a baby. 

Savannah residents will not take this destruction sitting down. Tamsyn is sure of it. No way will they let Ruttledge Yamada Urquhart Commercial Properties turn her nineteenth-century city block into a ghastly sprawl of glass-and-steel sculpture. It’s Tamsyn’s duty to Savannah history and to the memory of the Pendegrast family to educate that Ryan dude on why he should just leave the past alone. 

There. Her task is set. 

If only he weren’t so charming… 

Ryan’s Ruckus… 

Three more houses to buy, and the city block will belong to Ryan’s commercial property company. Then he will reshape the area into a modernist architectural creation. One more award to win, and one more plaque to hang on the wall of his Atlanta office. Easy peasy, right? 

All he has to do is get past Tamsyn Pendegrast. That small-town tour guide has a property he wants. One house. How hard can it be to get one house? If she sells her ramshackle old house, her two neighbors will follow. 

Why is she holding out? His company has offered Tamsyn three times the value of her property. That worn and weary Queen Anne style Victorian house isn’t going to last through the twenty-first century, anyway. Its foundation has been reinforced twice, and no amount of paint will restore it to its old glory. Tamsyn is simply holding on to a past that cannot be regained. She might as well give it up. 

And yet, Tamsyn’s tenacity intrigues him. It’s messing with his mind. 

And heart. 


* * *

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